Worshipful Master's Message

May 1st 2019


Happy Spring my Brothers!!

Warm weather is finally making a regular visit to our area and I for one am looking forward to spring events at our lodge! Here is a recap on events that have happened at Annapolis Lodge over the last two months. At the beginning of March, we raised four fine brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason with a skeleton crew, utilizing PM Bruce Lanier in two positions during the degree! We have a number of brothers working through their catechisms, and will be conducting a Fellowcraft degree very soon! Our Senior Warden, Brother Paul Balassa, successfully passed his FC exemplification on March 28th and is working diligently on his next degree. On April 1st we hosted the Supreme Grand Inspector General of Washington, D.C., the Ill. Leonard Proden, 33°,  along with a number of other VIPs including MWPGM Kenneth S. Wyvill, Jr., the MWPGM of Washington, D.C. Richard J. Bautista, and Grand Photographer and WM of Patuxent Lodge No. 218 Terry Royce!

At our last meeting of March, Brother secretary Ellis Tinsley informed me my year was ¼ done, my how time has flown by! As I write this, we enjoyed a night of fellowship and brotherly love at our Open Table Lodge. Although lower in attendance than previous years, it was a great time!  We had a handful of visitors from Rising Sun Lodge #46, their current Worshipful Master Cleveland McDowney III, PM Ralph Thomas, and their current Junior Warden, Brother Raymond Hill. Our speaker for the evening, W. Bro. Paul McFadden, WM of Montgomery-Cornerstone Lodge #195  delivered a thought provoking talk entitled, “By the Exercise of Brotherly Love: Strengthening the Bonds of Brotherhood.” And there was discussion on utilizing our basic tenets, especially Brotherly Love, not just inside the lodge but out in the world. How we as Masons, despite our differences, can and should work to be the voice of caring and compassion in today’s highly divisive society.

As we look towards the summer we have some events planned, such as our open house, a wine tasting event at the lodge, a work day at Maryland Therapeutic Riding, and the Cystic Fibrosis Walk. At our first meeting in May, the 6th, we will be holding an Entered Apprentice degree, and we have two brothers who will be ready to be passed to FellowCraft soon as well. Please come out and support your lodge at these events and participate in the other activities of your lodge.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Steven M. Hoffman
Worshipful Master