Worshipful Master's Message

May 7th 2018


Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday our lodge was holding its 2018 Installation of Officers!  As is good with all things, reflection can be a powerful motivator to keep things moving.  Annapolis Lodge can be very proud to report that we have initiated four Brothers to Entered Apprentice, passed two to Fellowcraft, raised two to Master Mason and will soon start another group of four with their Entered Apprentice degree.  With the support of several Brothers who are helping to shepherd the catechism process along, we have had very robust degree work already in this first half of the year.
Reflection also gives a moment to take pause.  As we remember the passing of several Brothers, we take stock in the lives of our family and friends.  We look to our place in the world and give thanks for all that we have.  In doing so, we keep priorities straight and learn to focus on what is truly important in life.  Be not slow to visit the sick, for that shall make thee to be beloved.  Though it isn’t always possible to be at the side of a friend or family member who is not in good health, taking time for a quick prayer and a phone call is often all that is needed to let one know they are important in your life and that thoughts of support are coming their way.

As Worshipful Master of Annapolis No. 89, I am very thankful for a great line of officers, our ever present Past Masters, and all the Brothers who are always there to support.  Of particular note this month is the work of our Past Master, Brother Andy Martinez.  Through his perseverance over a three year span, our lodge has been awarded an $80 thousand dollar grant from the State of Maryland to repair the brickwork and other items on the outside of our building.  I was honored to attend the hearing in March where Brother Martinez sat beside Maryland House Delegate and Speaker of the House Michael E. Busch, and presented a compelling request for these funds.  Speaker Busch commented that it was a request of significant importance, given our building’s connection to many events in our nation’s history.
As we approach our traditional Summer break, we will already have been planning for our Fall agenda.  On October 19, 2018, we will hold our traditional Bennie G. Owens Charitable Gala.  For those attending, this is a great time to dress up and celebrate the groups we have selected to support.  Charity, one of the most important lessons we learn about in life, and one of the cornerstones of Masonry, has benefits which go far beyond the simple act of giving.  Those who find relief from the contributions provided may never know how the support they receive was facilitated, but they do know that others reached out for their benefit, and selflessly gave.  Annapolis Lodge can be proud to hold many charitable activities close to its heart.
For the remainder of the year, I would like you all to take a moment to consider how Freemasonry has been an active part of your own lives.  Whether it be the words you select, the decisions you make or the way you relate to others, I am sure that each of us has something that could be shared.  If by chance, you each can find one Monday evening to visit and attend lodge, it would be great to see you.  The power of a handshake as you join your Brothers for a night of fellowship is a powerful battery recharge and one I personally hold in high regard.  Thank you my friends and Brothers, wherever dispersed, you are among us!

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Christopher D. Kircher
Worshipful Master