Worshipful Master's Message

November 1st 2019


As I write this, we have just had the Bennie G. Owens Charitable Foundation Gala, and it was a wonderful evening. We had a new band this year as our normal duo, Sara and Evan were unavailable for the evening. The Souljourners were suggested by PM LJ Collazo, and were a big hit. We had a very inspirational young woman speak about her life with cystic fibrosis. Ruby Stewart is a 19 year old Junior in college and has made it part of her goal in life to teach people abut CF and about a how hard it is for not just the individual with CF but also for their family and friends. A very moving and poignant speech. Sharon Kircher, wife of PM Chris Kircher, was once again able to assist us with decorating for the event and made the lodge look very elegant. Thank you to all the brothers who were able to come out and enjoy a pleasant evening.

I realize that this is my second to last “Master’s Message” for the Trestleboard. It’s hard to believe that there are only four meetings left in my tenure as Worshipful Master, this year has certainly flown by. Even though I am almost through my year, we still have several things to do before my time is up in the East. We still have our Past Master’s Night, Elections, and our Memorial Service to hold on our Stated Communication nights. Outside of that, we will be hosting a “Whiskey Tasting” event at the lodge on November 7th, look for the flyer in this trestleboard, as well as in our electronic communications.

One of the hardest things to do for many of us is to make time to attend Lodge meetings and other Lodge events. One’s cable tow is only so long at times, I myself work three jobs, but it is imperative that every brother that can, make it to lodge periodically. Not just to keep in touch with your brothers, but to share your insight, knowledge, and experiences with the lodge. Some ways you can assist the lodge is teaching catechism, holding an educational talk at lodge, joining the officer line, or mentoring a new brother. We need our brothers to help our lodge be successful and last well into the future. When my year is up, I plan on remaining on as Secretary for the lodge and contributing as often as I am able for other events. My hope is that all brothers, not just Past Masters, participate in making Annapolis Lodge No. 89 an excellent lodge at which to be a member. 

I hope everyone has a fun filled and safe holiday season!
Steven M. Hoffman
Worshipful Master