Worshipful Master's Message

September 1st 2019


Greetings and Salutations my brothers!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and any vacations they may have taken. As we head into fall there are a number of activities that will be going on at Annapolis Lodge! As the first Monday of September is Labor Day, our first Stated Communication will be on September 16th, and as it’s our first meeting back, we will be having dinner that evening. That evening will be filled with activities, we will have some brothers performing their Master Mason Proficiency, taking up the GMW, and if he can make it, presenting a 50 year award to a brother!

As we head further into the fall, there will be a lodge clean-up day on September 22nd at 9am, and we will be providing breakfast to those brothers who can come out and help! On September 28th we will be holding our annual Open House from 8am to 3pm and we will need volunteers to help make it a success. October brings another busy month with Harvest Home Day on October 5th and our annual Charitable Foundation Gala on October 18th. We will have new entertainment this year as Evan and Taylor were unavailable, but it promises to be a wonderful evening as always!

An update on some other things going on with the lodge. As some of you may know, we discovered that the wall on the right side of the building going toward Duke of Gloucester Street was bowing out. Brother Peter Lord and Brother Bruce Lanier have been working with an engineer, our neighbor, and others to put together a plan to fix the issue before it becomes worse or collapses onto our neighbors’ roof. This work will cost us quite a bit and will seriously deplete our bank account. I am asking that anyone who has not paid their dues yet, please do so as soon as possible, and if you can, please consider a donation to the lodge building fund. We love our building and want it to be around for future brothers, but without the funds to keep it repaired and useable we may not be able to do so.

On a lighter note, Brother Senior Warden Paul Balassa is one step closer to taking over in the East and our Brother Junior Warden is progressing in that direction as well, both working on their degree exemplifications with Brother Ron Block. The rest of the line officers have been practicing over the summer to improve our degree work and prepping for upcoming degrees in the fall. With football season upon us, several brothers plan to open the lodge for football watching on Sundays and we will be having a bourbon, scotch, and whisky tasting event, much like our wine tasting event we had in the spring. Remember to check the Trestleboard, print and online, for upcoming events! And as always, please attend lodge, I love to see brothers filling the sidelines!
Sincerely & Fraternally,
Steven M. Hoffman
Worshipful Master