Worshipful Master's Message

January 1st 2018


It is with great honor that I accepted the nomination to move toward the East.  Being an elected position on the line, I knew that my official role as Worshipful Master had not yet been determined until December 4th and the vote of confidence from my Lodge Brethren.  However, I have grown to feel a great sense of tradition and recognition for hard work and dedication in Masonry and in Annapolis Lodge No. 89.  The support over the past year has been phenomenal.  I wish to thank Brothers Lanier and Davids for their support during exemplification, Brother Wisner for his comradery as we both were working toward the East, Brother Ficca for his friendship and guidance from the first conversations as a petitioner, Brothers Balassa, Hoffman and Bauer for their great senses of humor, Brother Hartman and Lockhart for embracing their early start through the line, Brother Lafferty for sharing the journey through our three degrees, Brother Martinez for his dedication to our Lodge’s longevity, Brother Tinsley for his love of Lodge history, and all the Past Masters who are always present and supportive.  Most especially, I would like to thank my Father and Brother Mason, Bud Kircher and my Mother, who have been my life’s inspiration and role models.  I have received friendship, counsel, a loyal ear with which to reflect and along the way have found a real balance.  Masonry has brought so much to my life.  Being a man of faith, Masonry has enhanced my focus and has helped me reconnect with values that truly keep me humble.   I do stumble, but I have come to know that it is how we recover which is most important and what is the true merit of a man.

It is with this short reflection, that I hope you all regularly reflect on the truly unique bonds we share.  Like so many things however, it can fade if not occasionally brought into the light.  Our lodge feels so much more alive with its membership within its walls.  Other than just hoping I don’t forget my lines, my one thought for this year is to bring just a few members of Annapolis Lodge back to a regular stated communication.  I can’t say that I will be able to reach out to everyone, but I will try to keep communications regular through our email list serve and via Facebook.  I am open to all suggestions that may be of mutual interest for lodge meeting activities, and if nothing else, merely coming together for a quick social gathering at the lodge from time to time.

One of the Brothers with which I have great respect has said “It will be the longest and shortest year of your life”.  I am sure this will be very true!  With that, I must pledge that I will keep my focus on the Lodge, but like you all, will need to remember that important measure of what is most important.  My Family, my Faith, work, Lodge and my “refreshment and sleep”… all must come together in the right order.  Starting with my family… my wife Sharon, my daughter Erin and her husband Vince, their lovely daughter Alice and our son Kyle, I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful and supportive family. 

Thank you my Brothers!  May 2018 bring something special to you all, and may it bring continued growth for Annapolis Lodge No. 89.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Christopher D. Kircher
Worshipful Master