Worshipful Master's Message

September 1st 2018


To Come On Again At The Sound Of The Gavel…

How quickly the Summer went by.  From one rain storm to another, it seemed like we were more wet than dry.  As Mother Nature is out of our control, we make the best of it and find things to do inside.  For me, it was more time to spend with our daughter and granddaughter Alice, who visited frequently from their home near Norfolk, Virginia.  She is changing before our eyes, and is taking in one “first” after another.  Like Alice, there have been many firsts or Entered Apprentices that become part of our Annapolis Lodge family.  It is with these Brothers that I would like to focus this Worshipful Master’s message, and for the rest of the year. In essence, this speaks to everyone, as we all began with that first step toward Masonic enlightenment.
We return as Lodge on September 17th and have some business to attend to as a Master Mason Lodge.  We will however, “call off” and open up an Entered Apprentice degree shortly after the beginning of the meeting.  It is at this point that we would like to take a few minutes to discuss what it means to be a Mason and why it is so important to be part of the activities of the Fraternity.  Of great importance is the regular attendance at our stated communications.  The two meetings each month provide ample time to dedicate a few hours to solidify your part amongst Brothers, and to learn how you can be involved.  From lodge practices and activities to charitable events and Grand Lodge festivities, it is an investment that will establish in you a deep sense of connection and form lasting memories.
October represents a great month to get started!  The weather begins to turn and the season displays to the discerning eye, a great list of Masonic events.  Our first dinner of the Fall is on October 1st and will be followed by a meeting which opens in the Entered Apprentice degree.   A review of our Lodge calendar will show that Harvest Home Day at the Grand Lodge of Maryland is being held on October 6th.  You must attend to receive your yearly wages as Maryland Masons.  Here at our home Lodge, Annapolis is hosting our Annual Charitable Gala on October 19th.  This black tie event with music, food and libations is always a great time, and gives us the opportunity to celebrate both The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The Maryland Therapeutic Riders Association.  The cost to attend largely goes to support these amazing organizations.  With the lodge decorated in traditional Fall colors, this is an event that you really should not miss.
Moving to the items of more personal opportunity, there are several important areas of thought and reflection that all must provide in order for the Lodge to move forward.  Upon our return, we will be discussing an increase and voting on a proposed increase to our dues.  The financial upkeep of our building and events have been long surpassed as the years have gone by.  We need to invest in our fraternity and our own Blue Lodge.  We will also be honoring those most near and dear to our Lodge.  On November 19th, we will celebrate our Past Masters with a special dinner and ceremony.  Following in December, we will bow our heads in remembrance of those Brothers who have passed beyond our mortal sight and now are at rest.
Please my Brothers, it was in my initial writing to you that I hoped to bring more of you back to the lodge.  Set your calendars for at least one night a month.  For those with a worry regarding the stairs, we now have a chair lift being installed!  And with that, there are only excuses remaining.  Masonry needs you, your Lodge needs you and more importantly, there are Brothers that need you.

Christopher Kircher
Worshipful Master
Annapolis Lodge No. 89