Worshipful Master's Message

March 1st 2018


I am sitting here writing this, my second message to you, just a month from our 2018 Annapolis Lodge No. 89 Installation of Officers ceremony.  We have published our first Trestleboard and have already conferred our first Entered Apprentice degree.  The year has certainly come on strong and the Lodge is enjoying every bit of it!  It is this first month and particularly the first meeting of February that I would like to focus on.  But first, a bit of Masonic Trivia, “Has the ritual ever been uniform all over the forty-eight states”?  Taken from the 10th edition of the Masonic Quiz Book “Ask Me Another, Brother”, edited by WM O. Peterson, and first copyrighted in 1949, this question is a great lead into my communication with you.

It was the evening of February 4th and was facing a rather busy Monday at work full of new challenges and the stresses that come with our usual vocations.  However, I was also working my lines for the  evening’s Entered Apprentice degree.  The four men whom we had extended our invitation to be initiated into Freemasonry, would soon be putting their faith in the Brothers of our Lodge.  I knew I would get through my day at work, because I have a good team around me.  I also knew that I would get through our “Masonic work” because of the great team around me there as well.

Arriving at the lodge, I was greeted by Brother Secretary who began guiding me through some necessary forms and other correspondence.  He always has some words of wisdom based on his own experiences as Worshipful Master.  I was then met by Brother Junior Warden who had received our meal from the caterer and was getting ready to tour five men who were interested in joining our fraternity.  In short order, the line officers and members of the lodge began to arrive as well as the four candidates who would be experiencing the first steps in their own personal journey through the secrets of our art.  For most meetings, this would have been a great turn out.  However, that was not all!  We were visited by two brothers from Union Lodge No. 291 in Pennsylvania, a past master and newly initiated entered apprentice from Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 in Virginia, a member of Glen Burnie Lodge No. 213 who would be sitting in the east during a Colts Night ceremony, and visitors from Palo Alto No. 346 in California, Phoenix Lodge No. 8 in North Carolina, and a returning brother who was again visiting from Geraldton Lodge #3 in Western Australia. 

I had mentioned in my first Trestleboard message to you, that our Lodge feels so much more alive with its membership within its walls.  It certainly felt very alive throughout this meeting.  It wasn’t until I again met with Brothers Secretary, Treasurer and several others after the meeting that I really put it all together.  Something had felt special and many in attendance commented that they were very glad they were in attendance.  In a short reflection, one brother mentioned that I would probably remember this meeting as one of the good ones of my term.  Then again on the walk back to our vehicles, another brother shared in his thoughts on the night and we both agreed that it felt unique.  I have been thinking about this meeting over the past week, and I am still feeling very embraced by the experience and am so proud to be representing our lodge as Worshipful Master.  I have answered emails, spoke with Brothers on the phone and worked on plans for our upcoming events.  The line officers and Brothers are working together as a team.  I have been able to share this sense of pride with my father and fellow Mason, and together we have been able to connect with these experiences over many phone calls.  Though things seem very busy as I keep my twenty-four inch gauge in proper proportions, I am very happy to include the responsibilities associated with our Lodge.

The answer provided to the trivia question above is “No, and the adoption of a uniform ritual through all (at the time of publication) forty-eight states will in all probability never occur”.  Though it may seem like this should have been an easy thing to have been required, it is also just another of the many interesting aspects of life and of Freemasonry.  Though we are all different, we are all also very much the same.  The Tenets of our institution, Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, are held as the common bonds between men and Masons from state to state and all parts of the world.  This was evident in our first meeting in February 2018, and I will never forget how the evening solidified for me the respect and love I have for my brothers and our institution.  Thank you all again for your faith in me as your Worshipful Master!

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Christopher D. Kircher
Worshipful Master