Worshipful Master's Message

January 3rd 2023

Brethren of Annapolis Lodge, you have conferred upon me the great honor of electing this “Old Past Master” to serve as your Worshipful Master for the year A.D. 2023 (A.L. 6023). When you read this message, the installation of January 2 will have been accomplished. I will have sworn that “I will, to the best of my ability, perform the duties of the office of Worshipful Master of Annapolis Lodge No. 89 for the ensuing term, and until my successor shall have been duly elected and installed.”

I am honored to be serving as your Worshipful Master, and I am humbled when I compare the obligation I have assumed with my own ability to fulfill that obligation. But I am not worried. My brothers have already stepped up and proven that they are able and eager to work and support our Lodge and the Craft.

We are each endowed by our Creator with a human spirit, which we are enabled to employ as best we see fit. We can then follow the lessons of Masonry and the Mystic Tie to expect good from others, and so find it in them and in ourselves. We can appreciate the joy of Labor for its own sake, and join in celebrating our accomplishments. We can review instances where we have fallen short and resolve, without regret or recrimination, to do better next time.

Our ancient operative brethren, who used the tools and understanding of Masonry to erect those beautiful cathedrals, well knew that the building would likely not be completed in their own lifetime. But they labored with their brethren to see their own contribution incorporated as a small but vital part in the structure, and they were satisfied. Let us follow their example, and labor together to add to the structure of Masonry so we can reflect from time to time and say to each other, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I want to thank my predecessor, Worshipful Brother Angelo Stagnaro, for leading us in an inspiring and insightful year, and for teaching us to look beyond the fragile boundaries of past practices.

Next time, soon, I plan to address connections with full and open communication. Until then, hang in there. I’ll see you at Lodge, and we will talk.

Sincerely and Fraternally,


Worshipful Master

Annapolis Lodge No. 89