Worshipful Master's Message

May 5th 2022



     As we continue the year, I am caused to reflect on the unforeseen surge in petitions and new members. While I cannot attribute this increase to a single factor, I am grateful for the assistance and participation of many of the brothers who enable our visitors, guests, and new brothers to be well attended to and well informed.

     Firstly, I would like the general brotherhood to be aware of what an amazing line of officers we have been blessed with this year. The Wardens have taken great care in ensuring that the lodge functions properly and assisting in organizing our meals before meetings (all of which have been top notch). The Secretary and Treasurer have worked tirelessly to maintain the smooth transition from last year to the present. Our Deacons have coordinated and attended ritual rehearsals and have served as the backbone of our degree work this year. Our Stewards have blown everyone out of the water. They have not only gone above and beyond to see the lodge is cleaned and tidy, but have stepped up to fill in for absent officers on occasion. And their ritual knowledge goes far beyond their respective stations. Our photographer has enabled us to share with more brothers, the special occasions and awards we celebrate after meetings. Bro. Marshal has been a pillar of wisdom and knowledge to our relatively young line. And Bro. Chaplain has also served with frequent attendance, and adds to our general stability and reverence.  

     I would also like to thank the Past Masters of the lodge, not only for their wisdom and assistance in ritual practices, but also for helping to prepare meals and clean up afterwards. Covid has forced us to undergo something of a culture shift over the past several years. But with this, I would like to give special thanks to Past Masters Davids, Ertel, Collazo, Martinez, Hoffman, Balassa,  and Smith, for their regular attendance, and their dedication to ensuring that true feelings of brotherhood are enjoyed among the general membership.

Thank you to all who have contributed their time and resources to making Annapolis 89 a city on a hill for masonry to thrive.

Your Obedient,

Angelo Stagnaro

Worshipful Master

Annapolis Lodge No. 89