Worshipful Master's Message

August 1st 2021


As we reach half way point of 2021, I look back at a busy year so far. We started by returning to in-person meetings as the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Starting with the Installation of Officer with MWGM Marlin L. Mills presiding. Which was quickly followed by the raising three brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason, two by W. Bro. Gordon Davis, PM. The line did a outstanding job at the degree work in spite of the COVID-mandated changes in the floorwork. Three brothers were initiated into Masonry in April and all three have passed their Entered Apprentice proficiency examination. In June, the Colt Line lead by Bro. W. Angelo Stagnaro passed one of our newly proficient EAs to the Fellowcraft degree. If you are keeping count, the Lodge has conferred all three degrees this year already and with more to come in the fall. I would be remiss without thanking W. Bro. Paul Balassa, PM, for maintaining the pipeline of candidates so we would have the opportunity for performing degree work.

We have also had several short sessions on Masonic Education including an Maryland Masonic Academy Arch presentation by Bro. Chris Thompson. We have also discussed as a Lodge some of the emblems of the first and third degrees and on the background and history of Jephthah, one of the many judges of Israel. If anyone is interested in leading a short discussion topic or has a topic they would like to discuss as a lodge, please let myself or Angelo Stagnaro, our Junior Warden know and we will add it the agenda for a meeting this fall.

On a more serious note, the city of Annapolis is continuing with plans to demolish the Hillman garage and build a new five-story replacement. As the Hillman garage is immediately adjacent to the Lodge. I’d like to thank W. Brother G. Andrew Martinez, PM, for watching the developments for the past couple of years and keeping the Lodge informed. I have appointed W. Bro. Gordon Davids, PM, to lead the monitoring of the renovations of Hillman garage and monitoring the Lodge building before and after the renovations begin. W. Bro. Davids is a Professional Engineer with experience in railway bridge construction. (While his experience isn’t directly related to our situation, it does give him a much better appreciation of the renovation and construction processes used on the Hillman garage than most.)

The draft budget for 2022 is being provided on page 5 of this Trestle Board. Please review it careful as we will be voting on it at the Stated Communication on Monday, September 20, 2021.  If you have comments on the draft budget that you would like addressed before the September Stated Communication, please send them either myself or to our Treasurer, W. Bro. Paul Balassa, PM.

Upcoming events at the Grand Lodge includes the Summer School of Instruction, the schedule is listed on the Calendar of Events, the Grand Lodge is also hosting a Deluxe Bull and Oyster Roast on Sunday, September 12, tickets are available from Bro. Tom Foster at the Grand Lodge, and Harvest Home Day on Saturday, October 2, 2021.

The fall lodge schedule includes the Charitable Foundation Gala on Friday, October 15, a Whiskey Tasting Event at the Lodge, on November 13, and Past Master’s Night with dinner on November 15, 2021. I am looking forward to this fall when we can initiate new brothers and continue propagating Masonry and light in Annapolis.

Sincerely and Fraternally
Ricky D. Smith
Worshipful Master

Annapolis Lodge No. 89 A. F. & A. M.