Annapolis Lodge No. 89 will begin holding in-person meetings beginning 9/21 with limited attendance.[close]

Worshipful Master's Message

January 1st 2021


I want to express to you how honored, humbled, and eternally grateful I am for the trust and confidence you each have reposed in electing me and your 2021 Line of Officers. I want to thank Brother Balassa for his years of continued service to our Lodge as a Brother, Officer, and as your Worshipful Master.

The year I have planned for us is full of Masonic activities to include a focus upon Masonic education along with outstanding degree work and ritual. I look forward to our Stated Communications, both in-person and virtual, as opportunities for us to join in fellowship. A principal outline for what we will be doing is to minimize "business
meetings" and focus more upon expanding our Masonic knowledge and to make sure our gatherings are both entertaining and useful.

With all of the plans I have, I also understand flexibility will be required because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions placed upon the Lodge by the Maryland state and Anne Arundel county governments have and will limit in-person attendance at the Lodge. As necessary, we will hold virtual meetings as we did during the past year. I hope to arrange for presentations to the lodge for our virtual meetings with the able assistance of Brother Andy Martinez.

Our Lodge has many great events planned for you. With the help of my officers, we are working to coordinate a variety of events for you to experience. From an Open Table Lodge, Past Master's Night, Colt Night, and a Service Awards Night, just to name a few. I have also solicited the help of our Past Masters, and they have been very receptive in joining us in these events.

Our Lodge hits the ground running with an Open Installation of Officers conducted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master and a select group of Grand Line Officers at 7:30 PM on January 7, 2021. I invite you to join the festivities via Zoom due to the current COVID-19 restrictions placed on the Lodge. The details are in the calendar. I will also
have recording of the Installation of Officers available later that week. During our second meeting in January, we will be conducting a Fellowcraft proficiency examination and assigning the Lodge committees for the year. Next on Thursday January 28 we will hold a Special Communication to confer the Master Mason degree.

Our first meeting in February will be another opportunity for us to further our Masonic education by discussing what it means to be a Master Mason by exploring the moral applications pertaining to the degree.

I look forward to serving as you as your Worshipful Master in the next year.

Sincerely and Fraternally
Ricky D. Smith
Worshipful Master

Annapolis Lodge No. 89 A. F. & A. M.