Annapolis Lodge No. 89 will not hold any meetings until May 2020. [close]

Worshipful Master's Message

March 1st 2020


Brothers of Annapolis Lodge No. 89,

In my second message to you as Worshipful Master, I wanted to bring those of you who are not able to attend regularly up to date on some of our current activities and successes.  Since the beginning of the year we have already initiated one worthy brother into the mysteries of Ancient Craft Masonry and we have many more scheduled to either exemplify in proficiency or to receive the succeeding degree as a part of their continued journey in masonry.  We have a Master Mason degree scheduled for early March and we encourage all who are able to attend and support our brothers in this most important of evenings in their travels.  Likewise we have already received several petitions for membership and we are well underway to have a very full and busy year of degree work.  Special thanks to WB Bruce Lanier who has given an extraordinary and generous amount of time in working with the line to sharpen their skills in concert with our Senior Warden, Brother Ricky Smith, and the regularly scheduled practice sessions we have recommitted ourselves to as a line.

Secondly, we are making great progress toward repairing the bulge in the wall that has taken moist of our attention since last year.  I am happy to announce that the estimate has come back at roughly the same cost as fixing the bulge on the opposite side almost 8 years ago.  This is great news because we were prepared for a much larger estimate and, now, we have the resources to complete it with our own funds and quickly so that we can focus our attention on fraternity and fellowship where it properly belongs.  Once the repair work to the wall is complete, there may be other work performed to the outside and inside of the building as funds and time permit.  To that end, I am considering appointing a 5-man committee to work together with the Junior Deacon for the purpose of keeping a long-term focus and record of repairs and other work so that needful things are not missed and we are not duplicating efforts. I would be remiss if I did not extend a hearty thanks to WB Andy Martinez and Brother Angelo Stagnaro for all of their efforts in staying on top of the requirements and keeping the forward momentum going.  While it is not yet complete, we are a substantial portion of the way there and we could not have done it without their efforts and excellent stewardship.  That being said, the cost of the wall is not inconsequential and I am urging those brothers who have yet to pay their dues to remit them promptly so that we can replenish our coffers as expediently as possible. 

Lastly, there are any number of activities both inside and outside our building to keep you occupied and within the strong bonds of fellowship.  Within the lodge, we have started a book club that promises to be a rich and rewarding experience for any Master Masons who might wish to participate.  And, if you are not yet a Scottish Rite Mason, the Baltimore Valley is holding a multi-day class in the spring, starting with orientation on Wednesday, March 11.  As a Scottish Rite Mason myself, I can relate to you that this is a wonderful, challenging, and fulfilling step in any brother’s journey toward further light in Masonry.  We have a number of Scottish Rite Masons in the lodge who would be happy to answer any questions you may have or to help you complete a petition. 

I look forward to seeing more brothers come out to meetings in support of the lodge or any of the other social activities this spring that are posted on our electronic calendar.

Sincerely and fraternally,
Paul C. Balassa
Worshipful Master